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What Your Instagram Says About Your Personality

Do you love Instagram? 📷 Are you a true guru of this social network with hundreds of followers? 😻 Find out what your favorite Instagram filters say about your personality. 💃🏼 Here are the results of some serious Instagram-focused research. It turns out it’s more than just likes.

Clarendon 0:38
Mayfair 1:41
Valencia 2:23
Rise 3:07
Amaro 3:45
Gingham 4:29
XPRO II, Lo-Fi, Hefe 5:14
Ludwig, Lark, Juno 5:50
Nashville and Reyes 6:30
Hudson, Crema, Aden, Slumber, Perpetua, Sierra 7:26
Inkwell, Willow and Moon 8:40
Normal 10:03


-If you prefer Clarendon, you’re a balanced person who seeks harmony and tries to avoid drama and conflict.
-If you like Mayfair, you want to add some mystery to your life – it adds that twist to your shots and your lives.
-You don’t like to show off your beauty or brag about your success, so you choose Valencia to softly freshen your new hair color and gives an airy look to your travel shots.
-Rise helps you add some morning sun to your photos, calling for action and productivity.
-Amaro fans are likely to be artistic romantics who can probably play a musical instrument or write poetry.
-Choosing this filter could mean that you’re trying to be original but haven’t quite found your own path yet. You just end up relying on others’ tastes and preferences.
-If these are among your most-used filters, you’re definitely not a timid one. You like your shots to pop and whatever you’re doing to be an exciting and electrifying adventure.
-Ludwig, Lark and Juno all give a grungy look to your shots, and this perfectly describes your busy lifestyle. You’re energetic, driven and focused.
-Nashville and Reyes both reveal your inner hipster soul. You’re naturally stylish and classy, and you like quirky things.
-If you use one of them most often or all the time, you’re definitely the artistic type.
-Inkwell and Willow fans might not like this, but it looks like people who prefer these filters are prone to depression.
-Normal is what Instagram calls the #nofilter option. It’s mostly chosen by either self-confident realists or technologically-challenged people.

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