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If You See Money on Your Windshield, Don’t Touch It!

Criminals keep coming up with new schemes to part car owners from their vehicles. In this video, you’ll learn about yet another trick car thieves use to snatch your car from right under your nose. You’ll also find out which cars are targeted the most frequently.

How many cars are stolen in US daily 1:06
The states with the highest rate of car theft 1:38
The most targeted cars 2:10
When the largest number of car thefts occur 2:28
A ruse with money on your windshield 3:06
Kyri Viehman story 4:16
How you can detect a threat 5:14
Other criminal schemes 5:50
How you can avoid your car theft 7:49

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– According to the FBI’s statistics, 2 cars are stolen every minute in the US. This adds up to almost 3,000 cars a day!
– According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most targeted cars are the Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Ford pickups, Chevrolet pickups, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Dodge pickups, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.
– The largest number of car thefts occur on Halloween, followed by Labor Day. On New Year’s Day, the chances of losing your car are also pretty high.
– As soon as you get out of your car to get a closer look at this mysterious banknote, criminals will jump into action. They will get into your car and drive off at record-breaking speed.
– Walk around your car to check if anything is amiss before you unlock it and start the engine. One sure sign that you’re in danger is an almost empty parking lot and another car parked next to yours with somebody sitting inside.
– A car thief may bump against your car to check if you have an alarm. Many car alarms are so sensitive that a loud motorbike or a rumbling truck can set them off.
– Some criminals cause car accidents on purpose. For example, they hit another car at the traffic lights.
– Sometimes you make the life of car thieves much easier without realizing it. Lots of people keep their spare keys inside their car or in a special magnetic box attached to the underside of their vehicle.
– Don’t leave your spare keys inside your car! Keep them at home, or ask your family members or friends to look after them. And make sure there isn’t a set of spare keys in your car that you know nothing about.

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