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If You See It On the Beach, Watch Out Your Pet or Child!

After watching this video, you will never again let your dog wander away from you on the beach. What you will see in this video might shock and repulse you, but also make you think. And you will never again let your dog wander away from you on the beach. So, pluck up your courage and let’s start.

What comes to your mind when you hear somebody describing their weekend activity which included walking their dog along the beach? Bet all you think about is the relaxing sound of crashing waves, the wide expanse of white sand, and a happy pet walking around. A lovely image that doesn’t even remotely involve… death.

What is this stuff? 1:30
Are fatbergs really so dangerous? 2:18
Some shocking facts about fatbergs 4:34
Unexpected things that the ocean shares with us 6:40

These solid blobs are covered with millions of extremely dangerous germs. Kids don’t have enough protection to fight off the effect they might have on a human body.
As for dogs, they love the diesel-like smell of the palm oil. Palm oil is indeed oil. It is produced from the fruit of palm trees and is the ingredient in many everyday products: from soap to shampoo. It is harmless for people, but not for dogs, especially in the form of fatbergs.
The substance found on the beaches is gelatinous. If swallowed by a dog, it lodges in the esophagus. The animal starts to choke, and an immediate emergency surgery is needed. What is more, let us remind you about the deadly bacteria that may kill a dog, especially young or small. Consider yourself lucky if your dog only develops stomach pains, diarrhea, and vomiting. Another problem is swallowing foreign bodies (because we remember that within the palm oil, diapers, wet wipes, and even used condoms are lodged). Lots of pets died in 2014 when the palm oil lumps were washed ashore for the first time.

Have you heard about any unusual or dangerous discoveries on the beaches? Write about it in the comments below!

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