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If You Get This Message, Call Your Child!

We’re going to tell you about a unique, helpful method of keeping your child out of harm’s way. Don’t forget to teach your kids this quick way to escape from any situation!

Here’s an example: Your teenage kid is hanging out with bad company. One day, they decide to try alcohol or even drugs. Such a situation might well prove too unpredictable for your son or daughter to handle. Moreover, your child most likely won’t phone you for advice for fear of looking a coward in the eyes of his or her “friends.” And even if you call your kid to ask whether everything’s all right, you’ll probably get a standard reply along the lines of  “Yeah, I’m absolutely fine!”

Bert Fulks, a pastor from West Virginia, has studied this teenage psychological trait to better communicate with his son, Danny. As a result, Fulks invented a kind of a secret code that allows his son to send his dad SOS signals without the risk of losing face with his peers. All teenagers admitted to having experienced such moments on many occasions. So the pastor decided that something needed to be done to help kids (and, specifically, his own son) overcome the problem.

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