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I Tested 13 Crazy Phone Tricks, So You Don’t Have To

How to make a DIY phone case? How to get rid of scratches on your phone screen? How to take the most out of your smartphone experience? Bright Side tested the 13 most popular Internet’s smartphone tricks. Which tricks actually worked and which ones ruined our phones? Check it out!
Surprisingly, a simple battery proves to be an excellent and inexpensive substitute for a stylus! You don’t need to take your regular gloves off to answer a call or write a text anymore in the winter – just use aluminum foil.
As strange as it might sound, a balloon makes a perfect case for your phone. Believe it or not, tripods can easily be made out of simple office supplies too! Just take a roll of wide Scotch tape, place the phone in it, and secure it with rubber bands.
A good way to control some camera functions on your phone remotely is by using the button on your earphones. It really works.

Use a battery instead of a stylus 0:32
Make a phone stand from a paperclip 1:15
Wrap some aluminum foil around your finger 1:51
Use a syringe to clean dirt and dust out of ports 2:30
Make a smartphone case from a balloon 3:10
Get rid of screen scratches with toothpaste 3:52
Make a tripod from tape and rubber bands 4:28
Put a bottle of water on a flashlight to make a nightlight 5:10
Use a condom for underwater photography 5:43
Take a picture using the earphones button 6:27
Make a magnifying glass from a drop of water 7:00
Save a soaked phone with rice 7:50
Make an awesome mini-lamp from an eggshell 9:11
Bonus 9:47


-Surprisingly, a simple battery proves to be an excellent and inexpensive substitute for a stylus. You need to touch the screen with the negative side of the battery.
-You can make a phone stand out of something as simple as a paperclip! In our experience, the smartphone fits on the unfolded paperclip perfectly.
-Aluminum foil works just as good as those fancy touchscreen gloves for smartphones in the winter.
-Unfortunately, using a syringe doesn’t help make your smartphone cleaner.
-First, blow the balloon up (but not too much, to just about half the max volume), and then squeeze the phone into it: the balloon will cling to your smartphone like a glove.
-Rubbing toothpaste on the screen didn’t help us get rid of scratches at all. If anything, it actually made them even more noticeable.
-Take a roll of wide Scotch tape, place the phone in it, and secure it with rubber bands. When it’s done, stick the structure to the place you want to take a picture from.
-Just put a bottle of water on your phone’s flashlight and you’ll get a nightlight.
-The condom doesn’t let water through for sure, but the screen sensor stops working.
-The earphones button works like a trigger for your phone and gives it a “take a new photo” command.
-Internet sources suggest carefully placing a drop of water on the phone’s camera, waiting a minute, and then looking at some small text through the camera. Unfortunately, it would be extremely inconvenient to read like this, but you could use this hack to take macro photos.
-Using rice to rescue a soaked phone worked only to some extent, but it didn’t return the smartphone to its former glory.
-The innovative lamp out of your phone and an eggshell creates pleasant lighting, and it’ll help you get around in the dark.
-There’s this an app that not many people know about called “Screen Lock”. It basically makes your phone’s current time the lock screen password.

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