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8 Common Myths That Might Ruin Your Computer

A computer is a complex machine that makes our works simpler. But gone are the days when being able to navigate a computer set you apart from the crowd. Even though pretty much everybody is tech-savvy these days, the myths surrounding computers have stuck around.

Are you still believing that leaving your computer on overnight is bad? Well, that’s not exactly true. Or maybe you think that Macs don’t need an antivirus? While this might’ve been true in Mac’s early days, we’re living in a totally different world today. Do you defragment your disk regularly? We’re going to discuss that, too. Let’s go! 🤓

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Viruses and spyware are slowing your computer down 0:21
Automatic updates slow down your computer 1:26
Leaving your computer on overnight is bad 2:33
Macs don’t need an antivirus 3:37
You have to defragment your disk regularly 4:43
You need to “Safely Remove” a flash drive 5:26
Viruses can’t get past antiviruses 6:22
There’s no way to recover data that’s been deleted from the hard drive 7:45

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– Next time your computer starts acting up, see a local computer repair tech and get a system tune-up first.
– Keep in mind that you should only update software that you’ve knowingly installed, not those that might’ve snuck their way through. It’s best to say goodbye to those ones! And if you’re unsure whether you must uninstall a program, you have your friendly neighborhood tech guy to ask for help!
– Putting your computer on Sleep Mode while you go into sleep mode yourself is a better and faster way to resume working when you wake up in the morning. But keep in mind that just like any other machine, computers also have an operating lifespan.
– In 2015, a senior analyst working with the antivirus company Bitdefender said that the Mac OS X software had more high-risk vulnerabilities than all versions of Windows combined. Today, however, we have an updated Mac OS, but the threats still loom high.
– Maybe this was true back in the old days, but Windows OS has evolved since then and made defragmenting obsolete. The windows versions that we use today like Windows 7 or higher don’t need to be manually defragmented.
– Microsoft recently confirmed that you no longer need to do use the “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” button. Windows 10’s default policy now lets you remove a flash drive without clicking any additional icons and worrying about data loss.
– The cold hard truth is that the risk of a computer getting infected is a reality we must learn to live with. No matter what we do, our computer will have vulnerabilities that a determined hacker or an evolving virus can exploit.
– Even if you delete something AND clean out that Recycle Bin, it doesn’t wipe the memory of the information. The OS just plays tricks on you and makes you believe that the data has been erased. In reality, it’s still there!

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