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16 Things That Can Get You Into Trouble Abroad

Jail is the last place you want to find yourself in a while sightseeing in Europe or Asia. However, some of the things you do every day may be forbidden in other countries, that’s why we made a list of common things that may land you in jail in some countries.

Chewing gum 1:02
Wearing improper clothes 1:28
Putting on the heels 2:13
Stopping on the Autobahn 2:45
Flushing the toilet after 10pm 3:29
Singing after sunset 4:09
Cutting down a cactus 4:38
Swearing 5:10
Jogging 6:15
“Borrowing” someone’s wifi 6:43
Living together before marriage 7:30
Celebrating Valentine’s Day 7:54
Public displays of affection 8:25
Eating in public 8:49
Insulting the King 9:10
Drinking alcohol 9:34

– The streets in Singapore are amazingly clean, and the number of laws concerning this point helps a lot. They have huge fines for littering, spitting and smoking in public areas. The selling of chewing gum in the country is banned. 
– In many Muslim countries, to not attract unwanted attention in public places, you should dress modestly, especially if you are a girl. Clothes should cover the tops of the arms and legs, they should be loose, and underwear should not be visible.
– High heels damage the stone the priceless sights are made of. The Odeon in Athens is the one that suffered most. By the way, you can’t start a picnic there, either.
– You are not allowed to run out of gas on the Autobahn in Germany. You can’t stop there for any other reason either. Walking there is also strictly prohibited for your safety.
– It turns out men are not allowed to urinate in their normal standing position after 10 pm. Ladies should not get too excited, either. You can’t flush the chain at night.
– In Hawaii, life is so good, and the views are so breathtaking you might want to sing like a bird day and night. Word to the wise: do not do it! There is a law which bans singing loudly after sunset in Honolulu.
– Some native plants in Arizona, USA, are protected under state law. If you cut them down, it’s considered theft and can send you to prison for a few years. Cactus theft is pretty high, and it takes dozens of years for them to grow, so these measures are necessary to protect native flora from being destroyed.
– In Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales using offensive language is a punishable offense! In New South Wales rules are a bit milder, so swearing is forbidden where kids can hear it, like next to a school, or some other public space.
– Jogging in groups was banned in the East African country of Burundi based on the argument that people use the activity as an excuse to organize “uprisings” and a cover to plan subversive activities.
– In Singapore, it is illegal to take advantage of someone else’s kindness to check in on Facebook and let the world now you are “feeling excited” there.
– The United Arab Emirates has a strict law to prevent people from living together before marriage. If you do so, the police may come to your place and put you in prison.
– Saudi Arabia and Pakistan banned their people from celebrating Valentine’s Day because it is not a Muslim tradition, and it focuses on love that isn’t directed toward God.
– Kissing in public can get you in trouble if you are in Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Pakistan, or Oman. In these places, it is considered to be a socially unacceptable behavior and is punished with fines and imprisonment.
– In the United Arab Emirates, a person who publicly eats or drinks during the day in Ramadan, or encourages the act of eating or drinking publicly, can face imprisonment or a fine, even if they are not Muslims.
– Avoid talking disrespectfully about the royal family when you are in Thailand. The King is worshipped there in a way that westerners can hardly understand.
– Alcohol is against the principles of Islam, so before going to any Muslim countries, you should check out the country’s laws. In Saudi Arabia, it’s banned.

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