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15 Great Tricks to Use Messengers As a Pro

How to use messengers like a pro? How to save time and make messaging more comfortable? If you’re an active Viber user, it may be hard sometimes to keep up with all of the conversations requiring your attention. You may easily end up with a whole bunch of chats you need to switch between quickly. In some situations you just don’t want your friends or acquaintances to know that you’ve already read their messages. But can you do that and still see what the messages are all about? You sure can!
By default, the text you type in Skype is size 8, which makes it hard to read if you have less than perfect eyesight. But you can easily change a font to your own preferences with a couple of clicks.

Delete accidental messages 0:43
Hide your profile pic from strangers 1:37
Bookmark important messages 2:11
Send messages to everyone at once 2:43
Monitor your activity 3:10
Edit a text with 2 taps 3:45
Instantly switch between dialogues 4:16
Remove message popups 4:45
Hide your secrets 5:15
Read messages without your friends knowing 5:47
Format text like in Microsoft Word 6:36
Start a new line 7:12
Turn off the moving pencil 7:40
Turn off animated emoticons 8:15
See several conversations next to each other 8:45


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