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12 Mistakes You Keep Making While Traveling

How to travel the world and save money? ✈️ How to avoid being fooled? 😎 If you love to travel and want to know some tips that’ll help you get the most out of it – these are for you! 🌍
Rules of smart booking, picking the best time to travel and even places to keep your money – pay attention to these rules you don’t want to break.

Traveling during the day 0:41
Forgetting the 6-block rule 1:19
Ignoring ride-sharing 1:50
Booking in advance 2:22
Exchanging cash 2:54
Getting pickpocketed 3:32
Not knowing the tipping custom 4:23
Skipping on travel insurance 4:58
Not dealing with your bank in advance 5:35
Trusting tourist brochures 6:21
Not checking all transportation options 7:12
Keeping all your money in one place 7:41


-You can save some money (sometimes a lot) if you take a night train or even a bus.
-The 6-block rule goes like this: food is generally double the price and half as good within 6 blocks of a major tourist spot.
-Ride-sharing apps like BlaBlaCar help you find local residents and other travelers heading to the same destination as you.
-Flight companies don’t like having unsold seats, so that’s why they’re willing to give huge discounts for them.
-Your bank card will carry the best currency exchange rates, so avoid bringing a lot of cash.
-When you’re on vacation, don’t walk around with expensive clothes, jewelry, or bags if you don’t want to attract thieves.
-Do some research before you go anywhere: it’ll probably save you some money and help you avoid awkward situations.
-The insurance doesn’t cost that much, and if something happens, it’ll save you crazy amounts of money.
-You first have to decide if you plan on using your current debit card and whether or not it has international transaction fees.
-Tourist brochures are nothing more than a bunch of money-hungry advertising. Hotels and restaurants pay to get the best reviews.
-If you’re going on a road trip, you should think about using public transport or Uber.
-Be sure that you keep extra money in several secure locations. A great place to hide your money is in a bar of soap.

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