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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Phone Without Buying a New One

We’ve put together a list of simple free solutions to upgrade your smartphone and some smartphone tricks you probably don’t know. Find out how to make powerful phone speakers in less than a minute!

How to take great pictures 0:47
How to make a tripod for your phone 1:41
How to make VR goggles for your phone 2:34
How to turn your phone into a disco ball 3:17
How to make a joystick for your phone 4:09
How to boost your phone’s flashlight 4:55
How to take close-up pictures on your phone 5:30
How to get rid of dust 6:08
How to make a stylus for your phone 6:57
How to pump up the volume of your phone 7:35

– What if it were possible to instantly take great pictures with awesome effects already on them? You just need to stick a piece of clear tape over the camera of your phone and color it with any markers you like. We guarantee an artsy result that’ll make your followers beg you to share your new filter secret.
– All you have to do is tie them together, and make sure the knot is secure. Then, put one end of the rubber band on your phone, and wrap it around a plastic bottle, a tree or pole, or whatever is next to you and standing upright. Secure the other end of the rubber band around your phone, and it’s done. It’ll take your vlogs and selfies to a whole new level.
– There is a practical way to make something similar and way more affordable on your own. Find a template for VR glasses online, print it out, cut it out on cardboard, and glue together the pieces as instructed. Then just add some biconvex lenses, and you’re ready to dive into virtual reality without taking a trip to the electronics store!
– Find 3 different-colored drinking straws, cut a section off each and glue them to the spinner, covering the round holes where the wheels were. Now, put a spare phone case on your phone unless you want to stick the spinner right on its surface or on your usual case. Use plastic glue to attach the spinner to your phone (or case). Switch off the lights, turn on the flash on your phone and roll the spinner.
– First, cut a plastic bottle into 2 pieces using a craft knife. Then use scissors to cut a strip 4-6 inches long from around the bottle. Get a small piece of sponge, and wrap it in aluminum foil to make a small ball. Glue the tip of the plastic strip to the foil ball, and then glue the end and other parts of the strip to get a round shape and make it strong. Grab 2 rubber bands, attach them to your circle, and put them together. Then just put this on your phone, turn on a game, and use it as a joystick.
– Take a bottle cap, wrap it up in foil, and fill it with glue using a glue gun. Once it’s dried and solidified, take the glue mold out and attach it to your phone with scotch tape (if you don’t want to ruin the surface, use a phone case) to cover the flash. Now you’ve got yourself a way stronger flashlight.
– You’ll just need to find an old laser pointer with a focusing lens glued inside it. Remove the lens, and holding it with a bobby pin, attach it to your smartphone. The effect is incredible! Pictures of your fingernails will look way more professional now. Just kidding! We know you need the lens for much more interesting shots.
– You can vacuum your house, but will it work on your phone? Yes, if you do it wisely! Cut off the bottom part a plastic cup and cut a hole in the middle of the removed cup bottom large enough to stick a plastic straw through it. Attach it securely with a glue gun. Now put this cap on a vacuum hose and carefully suck out those microscopic dust bunnies from your phone.
– A stylus might be a bit expensive, though, so there’s a perfect way to easily make it yourself. All you need to do is roll an ordinary pen in aluminum foil, and press the edges tightly.
– You need just one thing: a glass, an empty one, to be precise. The next time you need a higher volume, just put your phone in a glass. A large paper cup will also work just fine. Problem solved!

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