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10 Tips That Might Save Your Life One Day

Most of us nowadays are used to living in a safe bubble of comfort and predictability. But the day may come when you decide to try something new and go into the wild. Or maybe you are a nature lover and do it every weekend. In any case, it is essential to know how to protect yourself in an emergency!
Bright Side invites you to try some extraordinary ways to use simple things that may help you survive in the wilderness. Also, at the end of the video, you will find a bonus that will prevent you from making one fatal mistake!

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Pantyhose 0:52
Garbage bags 1:40
Baking soda 2:29
Vinegar 3:05
Duct tape 3:51
Watch 4:31
Socks 5:14
Tampons 5:39
Potato chips 6:34
Chewing gum 6:55
BONUS 7:21

– Wear one pair as usual, but do a small trick with the other one. Cut it at the feet, make a hole for your head in the middle and put it on your top like a jumper!
– You will take some garbage bags with you to protect the environment. But such a bag can be quickly transformed into a raincoat and a waterproof cover for your belongings.
– Baking soda is an ingredient of fire-extinguishing substances, which means it can beat a small forest fire!
– Vinegar can be successfully used as a burn salve! If you have a minor burn (which affects only the top layers of skin, not a deeper burn with blisters), apple cider vinegar will be of great help.
– Splinters are quite bothersome, what with inflammation and pain, especially when you don’t have any medical help at hand. In this case, duct tape will be just the thing to help you!
– Socks can save a life! Don’t laugh, it’s true! If a person is drowning a sock can be transformed into a rescue line to throw to them. It just needs to be filled with dry twigs, which will stay afloat while the person can hold on to the sock.
– Tampons can keep you warm! It’s not a joke; you can use them if you need to start a fire. Any tampon is basically a piece of cotton wool which burns nicely. So to heat yourself up just tear a tampon apart and use it to get a fire burning!
– There’s one more way to start a fire: using some potato chips! It may come out surprising, but these snacks catch fire very well and burn for a long time. It happens thanks to the oil added to them (typically 12 percent of a chip’s weight is fat!).
– Shockingly, chewing gum can help to preserve your provisions! It helps to suppress light hunger which can save your limited amount of food from excess consumption. It’s not the flavor or sweetness; it’s the movements of chewing that persuade our body that we have got the snack we have been craving for!

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