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10 Things That Can Be Surprisingly Bad for Your Family

How to protect yourself from radiation? How to keep your family safe?
You don’t have to travel to a certain place in Ukraine or take a walk around a nuclear power plant to meet radiation. Some ordinary things we use every day seem to be quite harmless, and we have never thought about how dangerous they can be. How much of it is fatal? You’ll find out in this video.

The nature of radiation 1:02
Common things you didn’t know were radioactive:
Bananas 2:36
Beer 3:31
Potatoes 4:06
Cigarettes 4:34
Exit Signs 5:25
Kitty Litter 6:17
Granite Kitchen Worktops 7:18
Old Pottery and Glassware 7:56
Glossy Magazine Paper 8:49
Grand Central Station 9:37


-Radiation can be human-made and natural. Particulate radiation happens when particles give off the energy of mass they don’t need. Electromagnetic radiation is of similar origin, but it travels in waves and weighs nothing.
-An average banana emits about 14 decays per second and has around 450 mg of potassium in it.
-Beer does contain around 390 pCi/kg of potassium-40. The amount is so insignificant you can consider it just one of the ingredients, maybe.
-Potatoes have between 1 and 2.5 pCi/kg of radon-226 and 3,400 pCi/kg of potassium-40 in them.
-Many sorts of cigarettes contain materials like polonium-210 and lead-210. Both of them are radioactive, and polonium-210 was even used to kill Alexander Litvinenko.
-Samples of a radioactive isotope of hydrogen called tritium are stored inside exit signs.
-Kitty litter is a common source of radiation. In fact, if you try carrying it across the border in an amount large enough, it can be the reason for the alarm to sound and your journey to be interrupted.
-Granite is great at retaining radiation, which occurs naturally.
-Many pottery items which were produced in the first half of the 20th century contain rather a high amount of uranium.
-Magazine paper has to be covered in kaolin, which is a sort of white clay. It can hold radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium.
-The level of radiation in Grand Central station is so high it exceeds the nuclear plant’s legal emission limit.

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