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10 Driving Tricks to Become a Successful Driver

Have you ever tried to clean pet hair from your car but without any luck? With the purchase of a car, you also get an additional set of responsibilities and expenses, which can make your life a bit more difficult at times — and no one wants that.

Keep your wheels straight 1:03
Air freshener 2:06
Tablet holder 2:58
Line the cupholders 3:41
Apply some nail polish 4:20
Winter parking 5:12
Squeegee for pet hair 5:55
Frozen lock 6:35
Oil it up 7:44
Key fob to the head 8:31

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– You might get a little impatient, and, in preparation for the turn, you turn your wheels to the left while your car is stationary. If you’ve ever done this, pay attention to this safety hack!
– If you find that your car’s air freshener doesn’t last for as long as you would like, then here’s an alternative solution: you can use wax to make your car smell nice.
– If a tablet is absolutely necessary for a long commute but you don’t have a tablet holder, dig through your garage and see if you can find a bungee cord. Bring it to the car, wrap it around the headrest, and put the tablet in the hooks.
– Even when cupholders are used purely for drinks, they’re bound to get messy and dirty once in a while. Drinks can spill, leaving a sticky residue inside the cupholders that’s a pain to clean.
– If your windshield has a small crack but you can’t get it repaired soon, try putting some clear nail polish on it. The nail polish will fill the empty nooks, and, once it’s dried, it will seal the broken pieces together.
– To spend less time exposed to the freezing weather, park your car facing east every day.
– A vacuum might not always be able to pick up all the hair, but a simple tool like a window squeegee can help you collect it all.
– The main ingredient of hand sanitizer is alcohol, which can melt the ice that’s frozen inside the lock.
– . If you’re about to start carpooling, want to impress a passenger with your car, or just want to return it to its old glory, try using some oil. Put some olive oil on a cloth, and rub the surfaces.
– Instead of spending half an hour roaming the parking lot, put the key fob to your chin, and then press the unlock button.

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